• University Scholarships


    We believe that no one should be denied the opportunity of a university education because of their financial circumstances. We also believe that talent and hard work should be rewarded and offer a range of university scholarships to help you achieve your dreams. Browse our range of financial support options to see which ones you are eligible for. 我们认为,任何人都不应该因为经济情况而被剥夺接受大学教育的机会。我们还认为,才能和努力应该得到鼓励,并因此提供一系列大学奖学金,以帮助你实现自己的梦想。查看以下奖学金选项,了解你可以获得哪些经济支持。

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    Outstanding Academic Performance


    During the first year of your university degree programme or a foundation programme that is associated with a bachelor's degree, you achieve A on all subjects; or get A on 50% or more of the subjects while all other subjects are at B (excluding B-).


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    Financial Aid


    Studying with WeShall Education is rewarding and can lead to a great future. But being a student means managing your finances carefully – and that can be even more of a challenge if you are coming from a low-income background. Let us help you!

    作为WeShall Education的学生不仅仅意味着光明美好的未来,我们也会着眼于当前的现实,为来自低收入家庭的同学提供经济援助。