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WeShall Education is proud to announce the launch of the Climate Action Project in China!今年,闻韶教育将全球教育公益项目“关注全球气候行动”[点击访问中文官网 http://china.climate-action.info]引入中国啦!

Want to bring the world into your classroom and send a message sent to... Mars? The Climate Action Project will be launched in October 2020 and will unite more than 1 million teachers and students across 110 countries.
想将课堂与世界接轨,并把信息发送到......⽕星吗? 关注全球气候行动将于2020年10⽉启动,本次项⽬将联合来⾃100多个国家的100多万师⽣。

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All are on the same mission: solving global issues and posting their solutions to the website which is also a platform connecting teachers globally so they can access learning resources, connect, collaborate and be rewarded for their efforts. 所有⼈都肩负着同样的使命:解决全球问题并在⽹站上分享解决⽅案。项⽬⽹站也将成为链接全球教师的平台,他们可以共享教学资源、加强联系并进⾏协作,通过努⼒获得奖励。 This year there will be something very special... Thanks to a partnership with NASA, your students' messages and drawings will be sent to... Mars!
感谢与美国宇航局的合作,你的学⽣的信息和图纸将有机会被发送到...... ⽕星!教师将获得独家指导,在疫情隔离期间,我们也确保您可以参与全部环节。阅读更多有关该项⽬的信息并免费注册(点击或扫描下方二维码):
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During the Climate Action Project, teachers will receive curriculum, guidelines and will be personally guided by facilitators. The Climate Action team will make sure you can participate in every circumstances, even during potential corona-lockdowns. 在项目期间,教师将收到完整的课程指导和授课方案,并由项目发起人团队亲自指导。我们将确保您在任何情况下都能有效参与每一个项目环节,即使在此期间,您或您的学生需要隔离在家。

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A special curriculum will be provided to guide you. Some activities which can be run by students at home. You can decide how much time you’d like to spend on the project. Even half an hour a week makes you part of the project and the global community! At the end of the project there will be virtual interactions with experts and other classrooms. 我们会提供针对性指导。如果需要,您可以选择将某些环节安排让学生在家中完成。您可以自行决定花多少时间在这个项目上。即使每周只花费半个小时,您也能够成为此全球教育公益项目和全球社区的一部分!项目结束后,将与专家和其他教师课堂进行线上互动。

The project made a lot of impact during the past years:
- Students in Malawi planted 60 million trees 马拉维的学生种植了6000万棵树
- Indian students developed a solar driven cart and created their own bioplastics 印度学生开发了一种太阳能驱动的推车,并创造了他们自己的生物塑料
- Canadian students 3D-printed coral reefs 加拿大学生3D打印珊瑚礁
-American students developed a solar suitcase 美国学生发明了一个太阳能手提箱
-etc. 等等
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Join The Program!
Who can participate? 谁可以参加?
• Schools and teachers who have a class or a group of students of any age.
What students get throughout the program?
• Global vision for climate action 全球⽓候⾏动愿景
• Friendship with peers around the world与世界各地同⾏的友谊
• Creativity skills, empathy, real-world problem-solving, collaboration and critical thinking创造⼒、同理⼼、解决现实问题、协作和批判性思维
• Certificates证书
• Tackle one of the most severe global issues解决全球最严重的问题之⼀
• Get guidance from world-renowned experts得到世界知名专家的指导
• Develop awareness about climate change 提⾼对⽓候变化的认识
• Develop leadership skills through being accountable and learning to take action together 具备责任⼼并学会共同采取⾏动来培养领导技能
What teachers get throughout the program?
• Certificates 证书
• Become a part of the Global Network of Educators 成为全球⽹络教育⼯作者的⼀员
• Connect school with other schools in the world 建⽴与世界上其他学校的联系
• Resources and materials from other teachers around the world 共享来⾃世界各地其他教师的资源和材料
• Lots of inspiration and ideas for further teaching 获得更多教学启示和想法


You Want To Join, What Do You Do?

  1. Get a class or a group of students who will go through the program under your guidance

  • Register for the program here: http://climate-action.info/zh-hans/joinus

  • Once the program starts, each week you will receive an email with an activity for your students

  • Guide your students to complete the activity

  • Record a video while your students complete the activity

  • Post the video on the website to share with other schools in the end of each week

  • Receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program

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    Weeks Overview 周概述

    Week 1: Exploring Causes  第1周 : 探索原因
    What is causing Climate Change? 是什么导致了⽓候变化?
    How would you define it? 你会怎么定义它?
    Week 2: Effects 第2周: 影响
    What are the effects of Climate Change? ⽓候变化的影响是什么?Launch #plantED initiative 启动“植树计划”
    Week 3: Local to Global 第3周 : 本地到全球
    What are causes and effects locally and globally? 当地和全球的原因和影响是什么?
    Connecting with students in other continents. 与其他⼤陆的学⽣交流。
    Week 4: Solutions 第4周 : 解决方案
    What are potential solutions? 潜在的解决⽅案是什么?
    Students try to create prototypes. Start #7point5 initiative 
    学⽣尝试创建原型 启动7.5倡议
    Week 5: Interact! 第5周: 双向互动!
    Students exchange findings during live interactions Webinars by Experts. 在实时互动中交流沟通研究发现 专家⽹络研讨会
    Start #Mission2Mars initiative - be surprised!  启动#“⽕星任务”计划-彩蛋!

    Week 6: Action! 第6周 : ⾏动起来!
    Students take action and bring change at school, home, community, government. 采取⾏动,为学校、家庭、社区、政府带来改变。

    Tap here to read more about the project and register for free! 点击这里访问中文官网阅读更多关于项目的细节或观看来自各国的既往项目视频~

    Climate Change is a real and to bring a behaviour change we need to do more than raising our voices. 气候变化是现实存在需要关注的问题,我们需要做的不仅仅是为此呼唤口号,而更要积极行动起来!
    Education is crucial to change mindsets.
    The Climate Action project is launched in October 2020 or the fourth consecutive time involving 1 to 10 million students across 107 countries. It is supported by governments in 15 countries. The project is free, student-centered and aims to lead to a change of behavior through education. It is in collaboration with the UN, WWF, NASA and endorsed by Jane Goodall, President Higgins, Kumi Naidoo, scientists and public figures. It was covered by media across 45 countries including BBC, CNN and National Geographic.
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