• Climate Action

    Students of all over the world solve global issues together, which is also a platform connecting teachers globally.

    This project is for teens from all around the world to team up and run projects together online. The outcomes will be donated to schools in Africa to support the world welfare education.

    Global Competence PBL Online

    Study while Support World Welfare Education

    It is designed for students 9~16 from all around the world to team up and run projects together online. The outcomes will be donated to schools and communities in countries lacking of quality education materials, for example some schools in Africa. It is delivered by a UN TeachSDGs Ambassador.


    For Optimal Development of Children and Adults

    • Happy Teaching: supports teachers on both professional and personal development;
    • Optimal Family: supports parents to create an energetic family environment;
    • Children's Power: supports students in making a positive contribution to whatever pathway in chosen.

    STEAM Camp

    Camping with children all over the world


    Connect various subjects through STEAM programs, bring knowledge alive.

    International Vocational Education

    Leading to direct career opportunities

    Preparing you with knowledge, skills and career opportunities in the fields of Aerospace, Automotive, Mechanics, Engineering, Health Care, Business, Education, Art, Music, Performance etc.

  • Global Teens Online Meet-ups

    This is a FREE project to support teens during COVID-19.

    Facilitating by the UN TeachSDGs Ambassador.

    Do your kids want to join? Contact us!

    MeetUps #2 is on May 5th!

  • Your Growing Companion

    A student-centred supporting system


    Physical and psychological health and stability is fundamental.

    Self-cognition: value, confidence, potential

    Social relationship: family, friends, teachers


    Knowledge and school experience are crucial.


    Academic plan: career, major, university, school choice

    Academic performance: scores, sports, enriching activities

    Career Development

    We encourage the students to make a valuable contribution to whatever pathway they may choose.

    • Career Choices: the cross-zone of interest, capability and opportunity;
    • Career Mentor: role model, success experience;
    • When to start: 12 years old, if not even younger

    Scientific Approach

    Both in-person and AI guidance to give scientific growing companion.

    • In-person: professional coach, strategy planner, family mentor, academic tutor;
    • Data Analysis: monitor the current status, analyse an optimal direction in development
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    August 27, 2020 · 教育研发与公益,闻韶产品
    点击上图观看视频简介与往年集锦 WeShall Education is proud to announce the launch of the Climate Action Project...
    This scholarship, worth either £2,500 (20,000CNY) or £5,000 (40,000CNY), is open to applying for...
    Studying with WeShall Education is rewarding and can lead to a great future. But being a student...
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