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    Global Teens Online Meet-ups

    This is a FREE project to support teens during COVID-19.

    Facilitating by the UN TeachSDGs Ambassador.

    Do your kids want to join? Contact us!

    MeetUps #2 is on May 5th!

  • Your Growing Companion

    A student-centred supporting system


    Physical and psychological health and stability is fundamental.

    Self-cognition: value, confidence, potential

    Social relationship: family, friends, teachers


    Knowledge and school experience are crucial.


    Academic plan: career, major, university, school choice

    Academic performance: scores, sports, enriching activities

    Career Development

    We encourage the students to make a valuable contribution to whatever pathway they may choose.

    • Career Choices: the cross-zone of interest, capability and opportunity;
    • Career Mentor: role model, success experience;
    • When to start: 12 years old, if not even younger

    Scientific Approach

    Both in-person and AI guidance to give scientific growing companion.

    • In-person: professional coach, strategy planner, family mentor, academic tutor;
    • Data Analysis: monitor the current status, analyse an optimal direction in development
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    August 27, 2020 · 教育研发与公益,闻韶产品
    点击上图观看视频简介与往年集锦 WeShall Education is proud to announce the launch of the Climate Action Project...
    This scholarship, worth either £2,500 (20,000CNY) or £5,000 (40,000CNY), is open to applying for...
    Studying with WeShall Education is rewarding and can lead to a great future. But being a student...
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